Specialty Clinics at AFP

Musculoskeletal Clinic

The AFP Musculoskeletal Clinic sees a variety of orthopedic-related disease processes including both acute and chronic issues.  Point-of-care ultrasound is used to aid in diagnosis as well as to perform various ultrasound-guided injections including small-joint injections.  The Musculoskeletal Clinic sees patients one-half day per week, features longer appointment times for extended teaching, and is staffed by residents on their orthopedic rotations.  It is led by Dr. Phillips and Dr. Olstein.

Endocrinology Clinic

The AFP Endocrinology Clinics focuses on multiple endocrinological issues including diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal insufficiency, and osteoporosis. The Endocrinology Clinic also helps the family medicine office in setting up continuous glucose monitoring and helping to optimize diabetes management.  It is staffed by an endocrinologist, clinical pharmacist, and RN care coordinator and sees patients one-half day per week. Residents rotate through the Endocrinology Clinic across various rotations.

Palliative Medicine Clinic

The AFP Palliative Medicine Clinic sees patients with heart failure, COPD, dementia, various malignancies, and other life-limiting illnesses.  Patients are seen for symptom management (pain, dyspnea, nausea), discussions of goals of care, and advanced care planning. The Palliative Medicine Clinic sees patients three half-days per week and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team including a certified medical assistant, palliative medicine attending, hospice and palliative medicine fellow, and palliative APPs. Residents rotate through it on the geriatrics rotation in their second year.

Colposcopy Clinic

During the weekly AFP Colposcopy Clinic, the resident does colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, and other gynecological procedures that are not scheduled with a patient’s primary care provider. Residents also participate in a 1.5-day workshop in their first year prior to working in the clinic. The Colposcopy Clinic is staffed by several AFP faculty members as well as a local gynecologist, and residents work in this clinic during their gynecology rotations.

Lifestyle Medicine and Weight Management Clinic

The AFP Lifestyle Medicine and Weight Management Clinic use a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to weight loss that includes lifestyle modifications, mindfulness techniques, stress reduction techniques, and when indicated, pharmacotherapy and/or referrals for bariatric surgery. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Maurer who is board-certified in lifestyle and obesity medicine, as well as a registered dietician, clinical pharmacist, and RN care coordinator. It is held two half-days per week, and residents rotate through this clinic across various rotations.

Gynecology Clinic

The AFP Gynecology Clinic is staffed by Dr. Saleh and Suzi Brannock, CRNP. The Gynecology Clinic sees complex gynecological issues requiring surgery or specialty management along with some long-standing private patients.  It sees patients two to three half-days per week, and residents rotate through this clinic on their gynecology rotations.