Your Interview Day

Before Your Interview

Chosen applicants will be contacted via ERAS.  Available dates will be provided to you via ERAS Scheduler.  Please call us if you have any difficulties. 

Prior to your scheduled interview, a package from AFP will be sent to your permanent address containing useful information such as benefits, housing and resident/faculty contacts.

The night before your interview, you will have the option of attending a virtual social hour for informal conversation and questions with some of our residents.

Your Interview Day

Your interview day will be completely virtual via Zoom.  We will send you the agenda and link prior to your interview day.  The day will be a half-day of information, conversation, and fun.  Our goal is to get to know you, but more importantly, for you to get to know us and everything that makes AFP great!  

Your interview day will start at 8:15 am or 1:15 pm and will last approximately three hours.   A sample agenda would be:

  • Virtual introductory interactive video and PowerPoint
  • 20-minute interviews with faculty and residents
  • Virtual hospital and office tour
  • Self-selected virtual community tour
  • Wrap-Up "Connection Time"
Your Second Look at AFP- "The AFP Experience"

We are strongly encouraging selected applicants who have scheduled an interview to consider an in-person visit at AFP.  While a virtual interview is great, we truly feel the best way to get to know AFP and the Altoona area is by visiting.

We are calling a second look “The AFP Experience!”  Applicants will discover what makes AFP and Altoona such a great place to live and learn.   In addition, you will experience the strong culture and camaraderie we have built.

A typical AFP Experience will include:

  • Tour of the AFP office
  • Tour of UPMC Altoona
  • Meeting with residents and faculty 
  • Self-paced community tour
  • Optional breakfast or dinner with the residents

Hotel accommodations can be provided for those who need it.  We recommend you schedule your AFP Experience after your virtual interview, but we will be flexible and try to accommodate your schedule.  Please let us know if you are bringing any significant others or family members along so we can make sure they have a great time too! 

Café Times

As you make your rank list, we are sure you will have more questions or want to get a better feel for the program, so you may want to attend one of virtual "Cafe Times" that will start in January.  These 30-minute sessions on Zoom will include faculty, residents, and staff presenting a variety of topics highlighting the many strengths of our program.  Then, you will have time to interact with residents and other students who share your interests. 

These sessions will occur in the evenings, about once a week, and will be available to applicants who have interviewed with us or have a scheduled interview. 

Topics may include:

  • OB at AFP
  • Procedures at AFP
  • Living in Altoona
  • OMM Opportunities at AFP
  • International Opportunities at AFP
  • Women in Family Medicine
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Wellness at AFP
  • And many more!