Li Long, DO

Education & Training

  • Medical School: Touro University- Nevada
  • College: University of Nevada- Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

Family Medicine Interests

As a resident, I have really developed a passion for both inpatient and outpatient general medicine. I like outpatient because it allows me to develop bonds with my patients over time, and I also enjoy inpatient because it’s a higher level of acuity and pathology which comes along with a faster pace. I always find myself challenged as well in these two fields and like I’m growing, improving, and learning each day and not just becoming stagnant or falling into a tired routine.

Why did you choose AFP?

Prior to starting residency, I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to focus on in the very wide practice of primary care. Thus, I came to AFP, because out of everywhere else I interviewed at, this program seemed to offer the most expansive and full-spectrum experience. As a resident, I can safely say, my expectations were not just fulfilled, but exceeded. From pediatrics to obstetrics, I have gained a lot of experience in many different areas of family medicine. Also, because AFP is an unopposed program, we work closely with the attendings of various specialties (cardiology, pulmonology, etc.) in the area.


Movies, Video games, Hip Hop music