Jenny Luu
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Class of 2011


Hi there!  My name is Jenny (Dan) Luu.  Jenny is my American name that my 4th grade teacher gave to me, and Dan is my Vietnamese name, and yes, it’s a boy’s name, even in Vietnamese.  I came from Vietnam to San Diego in 1987.   I then went on to college at CAL/UC Berkeley, where I created my own unique identity and learned to “think out of the box,” and to “make a difference in society.”  I realized that I could not be a typical pre-med student, so I majored in Industrial Psychology, thinking that I would like to work in a consulting firm.  Well, I couldn’t be any more wrong than that.  I took care of my mom when she was sick, and I realized that my passion for medicine was still there.  So, I decided to go to a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University, New York for my pre-med requirements, and “voila!” I ended up at Temple University, School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

                You are probably thinking, “Why in the world did she chose to be in Altoona?” and “where exactly is Altoona?”  Well, all I knew about Altoona before I came here as a 3rd year medical student was that it’s somewhere in central PA.  Regarding to why did I came here, it’s because by some act of fate or destiny, when I was a 3rd year med student, I was picked to come here to do my family medicine rotation through a lottery system at my school.  Like I said, I had no idea where Altoona is, but I kept an open mind, and showed up for my rotation, not expecting much.  “Lo and Behold!!!” it was the BEST rotation that I ever had as a medical student.  I learned so much, got to do some procedures, and I had fun at the same time.  The people are friendly and the program has great supports for its residents and meds students.  It was at AFP that I discovered my passion for family medicine.  So, I came back to the program as a 4th year med student, and I suppose I had not yet get enough of AFP, I decided to come here as an intern.  Since we are unopposed, this program gives me the best training for me to become a great doctor, and the supports that I need during my residency.