Since 1975,

Altoona Family Physicians has been dedicated to the teaching of resident physicians with the goal of developing competent, compassionate, and ethical family physicians that are equipped to provide high quality and patient-centered care to the rural, suburban, and urban communities.  We pride ourselves on the level of readiness of our graduates and their ability to function independently following graduation. 

Our faculty

appreciate the commitment our residents have to full-spectrum family medicine and do everything they can to help residents reach their fullest potential.  They work together to maintain an exceptional academic environment that allows both residents and faculty to continuously grow. 

Our ideal resident

is a motivated student who wishes to practice full-spectrum family medicine in an enriching and supportive environment.  Our residents are team players who are always willing to help each other out.  We work hard but have a lot of fun.

Please see UPMC Graduate Medical Education for further information.